How To Write a Direct Mail Piece That Sells

Attract New Customers and Increase Sales

Knowing how to use direct mail properly can dramatically improve sales for a business.

Some people refer to direct mail as “junk mail” but with people’s lives being so hurried and busy, there are a lot of people who will simply respond to direct mail due to convenience. The key to direct mail being an effective advertising option is to constantly tinker with options such as wording and design to see what gets the best response. A small business direct mail campaign can always be changed and developed to bring in higher response rates and sales.

Include Reviews and Testimonials in the Direct Mail Campaign

An advertiser should include any rave reviews or testimonials of the product or service from a well-known publication or respected individual. This gives the business more credibility which can be quite important to customers. If a customer sees that someone they know was satisfied with the product or service, they are more likely to purchase it as well. Also, including actual articles that have been written about the product in the brochures gives business credibility with a lot of people.

Special Deals and Sales For the Business

People love saving money and if a sale or special deal are offered to them, even on a product they don’t necessarily need, they often jump at the chance to buy it. These sale advertisements can be sent to current customers to make them feel special or can be sent to the entire company’s mailing list. Sales such as buy one get one free or half off always work well. Another deal that can be used is pre-sale offers, such as offering your current customers first choice before the actual sale begins. A direct mail coupon or sale should always include an expiration date.

State The Problem and How the Company Can Solve It

When a business owner writes a direct mail letter, they should always be specific and state what the problem may be and how the only way it can be fixed is with their company. State the obvious and it should never be assumed that readers know anything about the products or services. One should give specifics on the company can fix the problem and not just a generic answer. Brag about the company’s services and what they have done for others.

Don’t Forget the Company Information on the Direct Sales Letter

It may be surprised how many companies will write great direct mail pieces and then forget to include all the contact information for the company on the piece. An address, phone number, time to call, website and email should always be included in the direct sales letter. This gives the readers more piece of mind knowing that they can contact the company with any problems. If the direct mail piece is more than just a postcard or one-page letter, include this information more than once.

Even if all of the steps are followed, it does not always guarantee that a direct mail piece is going to be a success. There are also other factors that go into direct mail advertising such as the design and most importantly who is on the company’s mailing list. All three of these aspects should be put together and a successful direct mail campaign can then be achievable.