“The Executive’s Agent?”

Should job seekers hire an agent? Let’s consider the dilemma of the executive or professional person that is or wishes to be, in the job market.

The unemployed job-seeker has these options: Networking, the people the he/she knows are where they use to be – not where they want to go; Ads, very few upper level positions are available and the competition for each is extreme; Executive Search firms; hr services headhunters represent companies seeking people with specific qualifications – they do not look for a jobs for people. This leaves “outplacement” if it was made available at the time of separation. The key to successful outplacement is to be represented by a firm that gives active participation in the job search by making targeted contacts for the client job seeker. This is an “Executive’s Agent”.

The currently employed person that wishes to make a change for any of many good reasons, i.e., upward mobility, industry change, geography change, etc., finds that there is not enough time to do their job and look for a new one at the same time. They must also protect their job search confidentiality. The solution is to retain an “Executive’s Agent”.

A successful executive job search consultant will learn as much as possible about his client and prepare effective marketing methods.

The three steps of Focus, Communications and Contacts, is my recommended approach. The jobseeker must identify what his value in the job market is, and identify who needs him. This is “Focus”, the first step. Then, the next step is to communicate this to the “decision-makers” that have a need that is a match for the job seeker’s value. The language used must reflect your compatibility with the targeted industries and companies. Therefore, the materials like letters, resumes or profiles must also demonstrate this compatibility. The third step is making the right contacts. The “Executive’s Agent”, by making direct contacts to decision makers, can identify staffing needs that have not been published, and a “third-party” referral of the job seeker can be made.

But, if you want an easier option, there are great staffing solutions companies that you can find online, such as Solvo Global. You can contact one of those companies and get to know your options better.