Logo and corporate signature

The creation of a logotype can be considered as a design creation. Many elements must be taken into account in order to convey the desired message, both in terms of shapes and colors.

Thus, a logotype structured on a round shape, by its reference to the Earth, to nature in general (even the fetal position) conveys an image of security, well-being, and appeasement. Conversely, the choice of triangular shapes ensures the idea of innovation, progress, and advanced techniques. Square shapes refer to stability and robustness. These few basic forms are found in many logos, and thus convey notions that a simple name could sometimes be sufficient to transmit.

With this in mind, the logo will comply with the codes allowed in a given field of activity in order to be immediately recognized as being in this field of activity. But in this field, the logo must also be distinguished as much as possible in order to be identified among its peers. A common feature is to conform to pre-existing patterns to the point of diluting the message and identity of the object in a diffuse environment.